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Hi – Im Gail Spiro ...
A graduate of The Cleveland Institute of Art, I have been photographing children and families for over 30 years.
I really enjoy capturing your child and pet's personality and unique beauty. I am known for my gentle nature and patience with both children and dogs. I also love creating on the computer ... Scrapbooks, Birth Announcements, Posters, Slideshows.  I combine my love for Photography and Digital Design to create a large variety of finished products.  The creative possibilities are endless and it gets those photos out of the box
and into your lives.

Ive been married to my wonderful husband Michael for over 
30 years, and together we have four fantastic kids.  Shortly
before our twin boys, Julian & Corey were born, I opened my
own photography business so I could maintain my passion for photography and spend more time at home with my kids.
Three years later we added a daughter, Sydney, to our
family, followed by Elijah, our youngest.  My poor children
can tell you that I chased them around with my camera all
during their childhood!

As the children grew, so too did my ideas for utilizing my photography and design skills, and eventually my company, Moving Memories, was born.  I began creating – both printed material as well as Reflection Videos.  I also help families archive their photo collections by digitizing them, organizing them and restoring their photos.  Often my finished products are a combination of my own photography as well as my clientsAnd now I have a pretty unique business that incorporates all of my talents into one venue.

In addition to my business, I am crazy about dogs – especially Labradors.  Our youngest son has Type 1 Diabetes, and about 4 years ago we added his service dog, Nova, to our family.  A Diabetic Alert Dog, or DAD, Nova uses scent to sniff out both high and low blood sugars and warn our son when he is experiencing a problem.  In the process of acquiring and training Nova, I became very involved in the canine world – and I became an advocate for other families attempting to obtain a DAD.  I enjoy volunteering to help other families find and train their service dogs.  We added Luna, our yellow lab to our family when she was 8 weeks old, and I am proud to say that I have self-trained her as a back-up for Nova.

Luna is also a talented athlete, competing in Disc Dog, Agility and Dock Diving events.  Michael and I also enjoy long hikes with Luna and camping.  We seem to have filled our empty nest with activities for the dogs.  Through Luna and Nova, I have become involved in photographing various dog events as well as dog portraits, and we have made so many wonderful friends via our dog connections!

Our four kids are scattered throughout the East Coast at the moment – so we are often trekking up and down the coast to spend time with them. 
I look forward to getting to know you and your family, and to helping you with your memories!

Gail Spiro, Owner
(216) 218-6899

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