Lets start with this I am not your wedding or event photographer.  I leave that job to those who enjoy it, and I stick with what I love capturing beauty in your family, children and pets.  Lets face it whether youre dealing with young children, families or pets, capturing those beautiful images takes a lot of patience.  Its not a job for the rushed or inexperienced!  One of the qualities that I pride myself on is my ability to get my subjects comfortable with me, and I allow as much time as is necessary to cover my subject.


I am an experienced portrait photographer. My distinct photography style sets my photos apart. I utilize natural light whenever possible because its more flattering than any studio lights, and less intimidating to my subjects.  I take the time to get to know my subjects before I begin to shoot.  I pride myself on combining a more formal portrait set up with a much more relaxed, candid atmosphere in every sitting thus getting the best of both worlds.

Children love to play and fantasize and so do I ...

I can change the background digitally to insert your child into a magical world.


Gail Spiro, Owner

(216) 218-6899


"We had a wonderful experience during our newborn photo shoot.  Our son was born early, and Gail took such care of him and us throughout our shoot.  She made sure the studio area was nice and cozy, she was gentle and warm, and got amazing shots.  We are so thankful for the beautiful memories she captured for us!"

                                                                                                                                        Kristen D.