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We had a wonderful experience during our newborn photo shoot.  Our son was born early, and Gail took such care of him and us throughout our shoot.  She made sure the studio area was nice and cozy, she was gentle and warm, and got amazing shots.  We are so thankful for the beautiful memories she captured for us!

                                                                                                                                        Kristen D. 


     Gail Spiro is the only person I would ever consider to do any professional photography needed
for wedding albums, special occasions, Christmas card, musical performances and website
design .
     She has photographed and designed several albums for me and goes far beyond what I had
hoped for as far as layout, design, creativity, and imagination.
The first album she ever designed for me was titled, “My Musical Journey.”
When I was first presented the book to review , I was literally brought to tears .
Never had I imagined someone could understand and portray my life’s journey so accurately
and with such sensitivity and flair !
     Gail has also designed several albums about my piano students, their musical accomplishments,
recitals and competitions.  They are works of art!

     She thinks of everything pertinent to the subject matter and presents it
in an extremely artistic manner!  The layout and design are noteworthy.
Together we have literally spent years on several projects for my piano studio .
Since then I have all of my albums displayed in my studio.
Both my parents and students look at them weekly and find it hard to put them down.
They always ask: “Who is the designer of these albums?
They are truly works of art, a combination of heart and soul.”
Gail is one of a kind and I am so lucky to have found her .                        Cyndie C.

From photography to business cards, social media to Christmas cards, Moving Memories takes care of ALL of my business needs.  Gail does beautiful work.  I own a Dog Breeding business and she has taken hundreds of photos of our Labradors and their puppies.  She is very creative and has lots of patience while working with the dogs and puppies.  I highly recommend her to anyone needing design work, or wanting a beautiful picture of their beloved pet.                              Carolyn G.


                   Just got home from the dinner dance and had to say "BRAVO!!!"  The DVD was a HUGE hit ... the kids and parents all loved it!  I was sobbing like a baby from the beginning just thinking of all the time we put in to making it and then because it was so beautiful!

Truly, it was perfect!  I love, love, love it.  Thank you once again for your dedication!

Beth Z.


Moving Memories Photography, Gail Spiro is an amazing photographer.

She has done several photo shoots of my dogs, puppies and family.

She has great people and animal rapport to make the subjects feel comfortable, thus great smiles (yes, my dogs smile, too).

Gail has tremendous artistic skills as well as computer editing skills.

The outcome of her final photos are beautiful lifetime memories.


                                                       ~ Amy S. G.

               The Hawken Lifer Video was a HUGE hit – in large part to your beautiful editing and artistry. Everyone seemed very happy and I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to make some edits.   It was really wonderful and a great representation of the Lifer seniors.

Eleanor A.

Thanks to Gail Spiro, I have a wall overflowing with wonderful photos of my son. Each is a small snapshot of his life at that moment, each a special memory.

I see his baby grin and my favorite fleecy outfit; his toddler’s self’s exuberant joy at racing through the grass; his new teeth beside hands marked with his swim events; his face, love tinged with sadness, as he holds our old cats for what he knows is their last year; his excitement with his new kittens; his increasing maturity as time passes, culminating with his 18th birthday portrait, full bearded face - a man but still my boy.


Gail has been photographing babies, children, pets and families for over 30 years.  She has a knack for getting candid portrayals with natural light in a low key, non stressful manner in both inside and outside locations. 


She has my highest recommendation.

                                                                           Joan A.S.

          Moving Memories has covered several events for me at my dock diving facility.

Gail's work is impeccable and participants at the event were very pleased with her professionalism and gorgeous dog  photography. 

I will definitely have her cover my events in the future!!  Five Stars!

Marie B.


Your ears must

Have been buzzing last night. Everyone loved it and we wish you were there to enjoy the reactions!  The evening was a success and we think everyone was pleased!!  Hope to see you soon and thanks again ever so much for all your hard work!

                                                                                                                       Allison R.  


I met Gail Spiro when she photographed our first child when she was six months old!

Since then she has become our family photographer for all 4 of our children.  Somehow someway she can always seem to get beautiful photos no matter how old your children are.  Gail also makes fabulous Photo books.  We went to Walt Disney World a few times and she made the cutest books ever for us!  They not only include the photos we took but also amazing graphics so it looks like our family was really in the magic!


Now that my children are older, Gail's been helping me go through our old and overwhelming family photograph collection.  She has been restoring and organizing the old photos that are damaged or have moldy spots and it’s just amazing what she can do with an old picture that seems beyond repair.  I highly recommend Moving Memories!                        Nancy B.


You are a pleasure to work with. Many thanks for extending yourself to us.

Best,  Susie


          I want to thank you again for the moving tribute you made via the DVD for my wife's birthday.  It went above and beyond what we were hoping for.  Besides your professionalism and attention to detail, the DVD evinces an artist's talent that resulted in a beautiful finished product.


Congratulations on your success and best of luck in the future.  Please feel free to use my comments as a reference for any future clients.


Sincerely yours,

John W.

Hi Gail,
I have been meaning to write to you ...I wanted to tell you just how much everyone raved about the video.  You did such a fabulous job and it was a huge hit.  Thanks so much for everything. Joey and I were both sooooo happy!                                 Amy

I just watched it again ... AND IT IS GREAT! I love it!  Watched this time for entertainment value, and not to proof read or critique it.  It is so good!  We did a great job!  And Gail is THE BESTEST!
I am pleased ... VERY PLEASED!
 The talent, the skills, the PATIENCE ... the perseverance ... THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
Pat yourself on the back for me!  Job well done!
Blessings,      Tracie

Recently, we arranged for Gail Spiro and Moving Memories Photography to prepare

a DVD for the rehearsal dinner before our son's wedding. As soon as the slide show began, the atmosphere became simply "electric". People cheered, clapped, stood up and shouted as the pics were revealed.  The music and choreography were outstanding.

We cannot thank Gail enough for the terrific job she did in editing the hundreds of pictures we provided and picking music that was perfect for the occasion.  Many in attendance said that this one of the best presentations of this type that they had ever seen.  I can recommend this company without reservation.  Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts.


                                                                       Dean and Betty F.

                                                                       Solon, Ohio

Gail. I hope that you are having a great summer.  We had such amazing and overwhelming positive feedback on the dvd and the photos.  Can't thank you enough!!!  One of my friends wants to get in touch with you to purchase her son's photo ...   Dawn K. 



We thoroughly enjoyed watching "David Rocks" video.  You truly captured his heart as well as ours.  I loved the pictures, creativity and song choices!  Perfect for him.

 It will be a memory forever. 

My husband absolutely loves it!  Thanks again for incorporating the rock theme into his life!  After watching it a 2nd time, I noticed more details.  We truly love the unique piece you developed for David and am sure we will get lots of compliments about your work.  Have a safe trip Gail and enjoy your family.   Lynn B.

         Just had to let you know how thrilled Marty was with his gift.  You did such a fabulous job of incorporating the film with the photos and the music.  Perfection!  We both cried our way through all the people we have lost but found again on the video.  Having lost a child, it was so special to both of us to be able to see her again, if only on film.  The party was a huge success and our whole family was excited to see themselves in younger days even Ally and Ryan.  Thanks again for all of your efforts to make this such a happy birthday for Marty.

                                                                                                                                                       Penny K.

I just want to tell you that the video was FANTASTIC!!!!!  We loved it - it looked great on the screen and everyone really enjoyed it.  Thank you for your hard work and attention to detail 😀

Take good care, 

Karen S.



I wanted to thank you once again for the wonderful job you did on mia's reflections video, especially on such short notice. Many videographers wouldn't even have considered doing a video on such short notice. You did so gracefully and with the utmost professionalism.


Please feel free to use me as a reference.


Sincerely, Karen G.


Thank you for sharing your amazing talents on behalf

of such a meaningful keepsake for our 8th graders.

How lucky are we?


It was tremendous to watch, laugh and sigh last night as these

knuckleheads move one year closer to making a big impact on the world.


Thanks again!



Hi Gail!

I just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying the video you made for my family and me two years ago for my father’s 80th birthday party!!

My father passed away last December and I just love watching the video!  It is a beautiful video of him and all my family – with wonderful music!  You did such an awesome job putting this video together and I am so appreciative!

Thank you very much!!



Gail Spiro, Owner
(216) 218-6899

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